How we protect your privacy

This website is owned and managed by Peter Warren of Beech Hill Rd, Sutton Coldfield B72 1DU to whom any enquiries about this privacy policy should be addressed.

Peter Warren and are committed to preserving your privacy and being open and transparent about how we use any information that we may collect about you.

Peter Warren is personally responsible for ensuring that all our practices comply with the United Kingdom Data Protection Act and the EU General Data Protection Regulations.

Linked sites

Please bear in mind that sites that we link to are completely separate to and that we do not have any control over these websites or their privacy policies. You should therefore check these policies to make sure that they are in compliance with your requirements.

Information we collect about you

We receive information about every visit to our website. This includes the date and time of the visit, the pages that are visited, the type of device that is used to visit the site, and various characteristics of this device. It is important for us to point out that none of the information that we receive can personally identify any individual.

This information is used by us for quality control purposes and to help us, if necessary, in improving our website and the visitor experience. We do not, and will not, use any of this information to contact our visitors.

Information you may provide us with

You may contact us via a telephone call, text message, e-mail or contact form. Your contact will be recorded and any data you provide us with, which may include your name, telephone number and e-mail address, will be stored on our computer system and may be used for replying to any queries that you send to us. We will not however use any of this information to send you any commercial information unless you specifically request it.

Storage of information about you

Any information we hold about you, including any personally identifying information, may be either stored on a web server or a computer system. In either case this information will be protected by industry standard security systems and will not be made accessible to any person not authorised to see it.

Provision of your information to third parties

We will not provide any information about you whatsoever to any other third party unless we believe ourselves to be legally obliged to do so.

Deletion of your information

Upon a confirmed request from you we will delete any personally identifying information that we have about you.

Marketing communications

We do not send any marketing communications whatsoever whether by telephone call, text, or e-mail. However, companies whose websites we link to may do so. In this event they will be obliged to inform you of this fact, and seek your approval, before you provide them with personally identifying information. You should therefore make sure that you carefully read any terms and conditions and privacy policies of any websites that we link to before providing any information of any kind.


Although we do not use cookies on this website they may be used by other websites that we link to. You should therefore read their cookie policies to ensure that they are acceptable to you.

Your rights to access information that we hold about you

You are entitled to insist that any businesses or individuals that holds information about you in electronic form provide you with a copy of this information upon request. There may be a charge for this, which is allowed for in the appropriate legislation. Any inaccuracies in this information must be put right as soon as is reasonably possible to do so. Please note that before we provide you with any of the information that we hold about you we must be completely satisfied about your bona fides and authority to view such information.

What to do if you are unhappy about our privacy policy

You can write to Peter Warren of Beech Hill Rd, Sutton Coldfield B72 1DU or e-mail him at pwwarren (at)